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"For man is a giddy thing,           and this is my conclusion." 

Benedick, Much Ado About Nothing.

Welcome and thanks for clicking  on in...I'm a writer of sorts...journalism, non-fiction, fiction...that's me in the big moody photo,  contemplating lunch...feel free to browse around...stay as long as you obligation to buy...the occasional indulgent smile would be nice, though...


William Boyd on

So Last Century:


“A fascinating, informative and hugely beguiling take on the 20th Century. Brilliantly original.”

Joanna Lumley on


 So Last Century

 " I would wade through rivers to read anything Charles Nevin writes: 'So Last Century' has me reaching for my water-wings. Fabulous in every way.”

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Charles Nevin's  latest collection, ten stories set in each decade of the twentieth century and featuring , among much else, Edward VII on a tricky country house visit,  James Gatsby and Mr Spats Colombo in London, Butch Cassidy in Lancashire and Margaret Thatcher's bloomers. 







Charles Nevin's acclaimed history of  England's oldest resort through story  and 2000 years.

Marvel at Old King Bladud, the city's founder who also thought he could fly.  Read an exclusive interview with Alfred the Great,  Bath's saviour. Join Jane Austen's Mr Bennet on a very risky day out.  Meet the team excavating the Great Roman Bath.

Bow to Beau Nash and the Emperor Haile Selassie and travel with the winsome Wife of Bath.  Discover - possibly  - the truth about the famous Bath Oliver biscuit and Bun. All this and some rigorously factual background as well!

For more, see my latest blog posts!

”Charles Nevin writes with a rare erudition, charm and whimsy, illuminating a national character that has so many of us puzzled. Of course Bladud attempted flight, and of course Mr Bennet met Mrs Bennet with bodice ripped. But without Mr Nevin, we may never have known.”  Charles Laurence

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